Monday, February 14, 2011

Neutral Quilt Pattern

Recently in the Quiltville chat yahoo group, Judi Butz found a webshot picture of a beautiful quilt done in all neutrals.

Neutral quilt on webshots photo

We believe the person who originally designed the quilt is a Mabeth Oxenreider.

So, not to do any dis-service to her, she gets credit for this design.

Being the computer geek I am, and playing with my EQ7, I recreated it in the program using 5 simple blocks.  These blocks are 6" square finished (6.5" unfinished).

Here is a copy of the EQ7 image, granted not done in neutrals, so you can see the blocks clearly.

At 14 blocks across by 18 blocks down, finished quilt measures 84" x 108".

Now, don't get confused, this is easier than it looks.  It's 5 simple blocks.

From the inside to the outside:

Pinwheel block:
- cutting - many methods to do this
- cut strips of 3 7/8" x whatever length you have
- subcut into 3 7/8 squares, cut on the diagonal
- make 60 blocks

Log cabin block
- cutting - use whatever method works for you
- the strips in this 6" block are 1 1/4" wide
- centre block is 2" x 2" (unfinished)
- make 36 blocks

Eight pointed star block
- center square is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"
- corner squares are 2" x 2"
- center edge (flying geese) are made with 4 3/16" x 4 3/16" square then cut diagonally both ways
 - centre edge (flying geese) add 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" square cut diagonally once.
 - or any method you're comfortable with
- make 44 blocks

Broken dishes block
- four half square triangles to measure 3 1/2" each before sewing together
- make 48 blocks

And lastly, a chain block.  Don't worry, this is easier than you think.  It's two 4 patches sewn with two half square triangles..
- cutting - 4 patches are 2" squares
- half square triangles are cut using 3 7/8" strips
- subcut into 3 7/8" squares
- cut once on diagonal
- or use the EZ angle ruler or any method you're comfortable with
- make 68 blocks

You just flip them around the border as in the quilt image and it makes a very unique border.

It's all pretty easy when you break it down into sections.

If anyone would like the EQ7 project file, I'm more than willing to send it.  I have also created a pdf file for those who don't have EQ.

Happy quilting!


  1. very interesting-
    how many inches is the block?
    Luisa from Genoa Italy

  2. Laurie, thanks for doing that! I would love to have the file. mary6850 at

  3. Laurie, your a genuis! Thanks so much

  4. Thank you Laurie for going the extra mile for those of us who do not have EQ. Much appreciated!

  5. I would like a copy of the EQ7 file too please.
    Although the way you have broken it down here is fantastic.
    I will make sure the quilt designer gets the credit!
    XOXOXO Subee

  6. After studing the quilt closer, it looks as if the "square in a square" you have used is not how she did it. They look like 4 HST but it still gives the same look.
    I have a VAST collection of neutrals. I need to make this one!

  7. Subee, you're right on the square in a square but for some reason I couldn't find that particular block in my library.. so went with the square in a square. Would work very well as 4 more half square triangles.

  8. hi Laurie, thank you for the detailed instructions! Hope to geet the EQ file as well, LOVE the quilt
    hugs from Germany

  9. I would love to get the EQ file also, loves your
    instruction.My friend Maureen made a couple of
    neutral quilts and they are beautiful.
    Monique in Gatineau, Qc

  10. Monique, I need your email address.

  11. I would love the file too. Great work.

  12. this quilt is gorgeous. I would love the EQ fils also.
    thanks so much for your generosity.
    Joan in GA

  13. Laurie, the original designer is Joan Barnett. I took a workshop from her in London, ON Her quilt had extra borders that I eliminated.

    The quilt is actually 4 inch blocks...which makes the log cabin blocks a little finicky, but it makes a nice large lap quilt. The pic on my webshots is the wedding quilt I did for our son. Our daughter liked it so much she asked for one for her wedding and I am working on the third now for us.

    Maureen Raymond ( ....Orleans ON, but wintering in Florida

  14. Joan I'll need your email address

  15. I would love the pdf file or eq file. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing quilt.


  16. I would love to have your EQ7 fle. This is one
    beautiful quilt! Thanks for your generosity!

    Joan K

  17. Laurie:

    I contacted Mabeth Oxenreider and she indicated this is not a quilt she created. So, I hit a dead end.

    I'd love the PDF file (as I don't have EQ). Thank you!


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