Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pineapple blocks

I guess I should really blog about once a week instead of 3 or 4 posts in one day!  Unfortunately, I never seem to find the time during the week.

I'm taking a couple of courses through Quilt University, just because I thought it would be neat to do so and I wanted to learn some new skills, and it gives me another excuse to sew!

The first one was on celtic design.. the concept and blocks are amazingly simple and I've come up with a few patterns in EQ7 that I just love and can't wait to do.... and while I haven't made any blocks of it yet, they are on my "to do" list.

The second course is on pineapple blocks.  I've never made any before, and they've always intriqued me, the design is so stunning.

The first lesson explains the basic concept, provides you with a paper pattern for a 6" block, and demonstrates how to construct it.  Granted, one block looks really cool, but you don't actually see the pattern emerge until you do at least 4 blocks and put them together.

I made one block... turned out pretty well... then decided to make the other 3.. all at the same time.. piecing the same piece on each one... to cut down on ironing and trimming time between steps.  Then sewed all 4 together.  

WoW!  They look so cool!  

It took one fat quarter of the dark and about 1/2 of a fat quarter of the light fabric.

Unfortunately, I only had a fat quarter of each of these fabrics.  I want to continue to make more, in order to do a full sized quilt.  Guess I'll be heading to The Running Stitch sometime this week to see if they still have bolts of these fabrics.

If not, I can always make a pillow top out of this one. :)

It took me all day to make these four blocks, it's quite time consuming.. but the result is stunning!

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