Sunday, March 6, 2011

Purple lap quilt has a home

I finished the binding on the lap quilt and last weekend we went to Jim's mom's for his 40th birthday (Feb 27th) to celebrate quietly with his mom and his sister.

I guess I could have saved the quilt for easter and given it to her then, but I couldn't wait (I had wanted to have it done for christmas but I was so nervous about doing the free motion quilting on it, I kept putting it aside).

Well, it was received with much appreciation.  The poor woman is always cold, and she loved the colours.

Funny enough, we were all snoozing in the afternoon, when she came into the room and found Jim had put the quilt on me to keep me warm, she immediately pulled it off me and threw a big wool blanket on me.... lol  She then placed it on the back of the couch. 

I really hope she uses it, it was made to be used, not just a decoration... :)

Of course, she wanted Jake to get in the picture with her... hehehe

Enjoy your quilt Barb.

Lots of love was put into it,


PS.  Then his sister asked me where her quilt was?  Huh?  Apparently she wants one in chocolate browns and oranges.   I have very few chocolate browns left after piecing RRCB, and no oranges, so I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for fabrics in those colours when I eventually go shopping again.

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