Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Motion Quilting - practice

I love my Janome Horizon.  It's an amazing machine, and does take quite a bit to get use to.

Free motion quilting is definitely an art form that takes a LOT of practice!

As such, I've read various books, magazines, web sites, watched numerous youtube videos, and recently purchased several of Patsy Thompson's dvds.  Ricky Tims does some amazing work as well, far beyond my reach (at this time).

Following along with Patsy's dvd, Fast and Free! Volume 0.5 I've stitched up a few of her lessons.  This is my progress so far.  These quilt sandwiches are 8.5" x 11".

The first section is all loopy patterns.



Loops with stars

Loops with hearts (these aren't easy)

Loops with flowers

Loops with sun bursts (I apparently suck at straight, pointy lines) :)

But, it all takes practice, getting the tension wasn't much of an issue, it's getting the speed of the machine coordinated with the movement of my hands that's not so smooth yet.

Today I'll do the next section which is all lines, triangles, etc.

As a side note, I found these pictures that I haven't posted anywhere.  Jim and I went camping for the May 24 long weekend this year and Jake had such a wonderful, fresh air, exciting time, he was exhausted on the ride home... Jim snapped a few pics.  hehehe

Falling asleep sitting up

He couldn't stay awake, rested his head on the center console from the back seat

I guess he had a fun weekend too

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding and Batiks

So, I have friends who are getting married at the end of July.  Not sure I'll have this done, but here's a picture I took of some of the blocks when I was able to put them up on my design wall.

This is without the sashings and cornerstones and only 19 of the 48 blocks that I've made.  Once it's all put together with borders it should be queensized.  Gotta love Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom pattern!

Now the batiks quilt I'll eventually get back to working on was in the Fons & Porter's Best of Love of Quilting - Special Collector's Issue very early this year.  The pattern is called Thousand Pyramids on page 38.  I love batiks and I love how this quilt just glows!

I've made 10 of the required 136 diamonds... this will take a while.

That's all I can post for now... we're off to Bluesfest for the evening.

I suck at blogging

I had a few email conversations with Gina in Missouri from the QuiltvilleSwap yahoo group yesterday and she politely reminded me that I haven't posted anything on my blog since March.  ugh!  Thanks for the nudge Gina :)

It's not that I haven't done anything, moreso that I've been so busy and don't think to take too many pictures or post them.

So, first off, I didn't take pictures of that last batch of snow dyeing results.  They turned out alright, but not as vibrant as the first batch.  I think probably because there were 2 yards in each container, therefore, the dye didn't seep in and penetrate as much as it did in the first batch.  They're still pretty and will make great backings for quilts.

Secondly, I finished the baby girl crib quilt for my friend Robbie to give away to a couple she knows for Easter.

Here are some pics.

I free motion quilted the entire center with a butterfly pattern I printed on newsprint (kids doodle pads from the dollar store), spray basted them where I wanted, then stitched through the paper.  Connecting each one with trailing lines to small flowers, to connect to the next.  The border I had a stencil that I used a washable fabric marker to trace, then just free motioned following the lines.

I'm happy with the result and Robbie and the couple she gave it to were very impressed and grateful.

I have all my blocks for RRCB done, including all the part triangle string blocks for the edges and corners.  Unfortunately, finding a place to lay them all out so I can check the arrangement has been an issue.  Guess I'm going to have to use our bed. 

There's a wedding quilt I have all the blocks completed for, from Bonnie Hunter's Pineapple Blossom pattern.  I should take a picture soon.  Once I lay them out so I can figure out the arrangment I like with the sashing and cornerstones, I can put the center together and then the borders.  Again, going to have to use our bed, 2 floors up to do this, then bring it down in sections to sew together.

There are a few other blocks I've played with, some batik pyramids that are just awesome!  They'll make a beautifully bright quilt when I get it done.

Ok, enough for now.  Have to head out with hubby to find him a new bike.

Oh!  and in 7 weeks we're going on Bonnie's Cruise  Counting down the days!
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