Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter has arrived in Canada's Capital!!

Around 6:45 this morning Jake and I got up and he wanted outside... this is what we found!  Holy!  I know the weather forecasters had said that there would be some snow starting last night, but they only expected us to get some flurries and possibly some freezing rain and ice pellets.  This snow isn't expected to last though, forecast is for 11 degrees on Saturday.

Jake loves the snow!  He is a husky after all.  We had to wake him several times last year - he had gone outside and curled up in the snow for a nap!  Silly dog.  Winter is definitely his season.

The news is already saying there are numerous accidents this morning, one of the city buses is actually on it's side at one of the bus stations!

Why do people so easily forget how to drive in the snow?  We have it every year, it's not like it's a new thing (for any Canadian who's lived here most of their lives).

Luckily I have no where to go today, don't have to go to a clients' office, can stay home, do some work and then some sewing.

hmmmm... I see more snow dyeing in my future!
Happy snow day Ottawa!!

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  1. I saw a bunch of posts about snow dying last year, and it looked really cool. (sorry, bad pun, but just couldn't resist). Do you have a link for instructions on how to?


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