Saturday, December 10, 2011

Orca Bay - Step 4

As Bonnie says in her blog post "there are many ways to skin a cat", and seriously, where did that saying come from?  It's creepy!!

Here's what I've been doing with my Orca Bay Step 4.

First, sew my teal/turquoise/green strings and strips onto 5.5" papers (I've done over 20 I think so far, here's 7 of the blocks).

Then, remove the papers

Now I starch them (with BestPress) and press them, hard.  I want to ensure they keep their shape, no shifting, no wobbling when I cut them, and no distorting later when we get to the point where they'll be sewn to something else.

Here they are, flat as flat can be.

Now to the cutting.
First, I'm cutting down the center across the strips.  No I'm not measuring anything at this point.  I know I have a lot of lee-way since my papers were 5.5" square and my strips extended past that point, and we only need them to be 5 1/8th".

This is where they get real pretty.
Using the Easy Angle Companion ruler as Bonnie suggested, I line up the 3 1/2" mark with the bottom of the triangle (or the center cut I'd made), and follow the ruler to make pretty little triangles.

On some of them, I shifted to either the right or the left as much as possible to have a sliver of trimming on one side, but a good chunk of sewn together fabrics on the other side - Crumb Starters!!

How well do they play with my purple strings from Step 2?

Let's see

I think they stand out well enough... and then think of black and whites surrounding them... this is going to be one pretty quilt!

Thank you Bonnie!!!


  1. I totally agree - this is going to be one pretty quilt!!! And I love your crumb starters!!!

  2. Looking good and I love your colors!

  3. Looks like you saved an entire step - whooo hooo!

  4. Your mystery quilt is looking terrific!

  5. You've chosen a beautiful colorway! Your method for making these blocks is well-illustrated.

  6. Oh, those colors play verrrry well together!

  7. Look at how well those colors play together! I also have purple and teal, purple in the same place, teal in my hsts and qsts. Hope you are having as much fun as I am!

  8. Really nice blocks... uh, triangles! Love the teals.

  9. I'm gonna have to try it your way! Saves an entire step. Love your string blocks!

  10. Such beautiful colors. I like your tip for spraying the before cutting the triangles.

  11. Yes indeed, those colors play wonderfully together!


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