Monday, December 5, 2011

Save on monthly groceries - hell yes!!

I found this post on Denise's blog.. Count it All Joy
Seriously, who doesn't want to save money on groceries.

I'm very interested to read this book and find out how I can cut costs.


  1. that does sound like a good book. Is it American or Canadian made? Some of their food prices are already way lower than ours - well, used to be anyway... I know my friend in Washington picked up big Turkeys for $5 each last year after Christmas and I though, WOW buy them all and leave them outside till you have room in the freezer!! (true Canadian here!! lol!!) But she couldn't and didn't but I could not belive that price!!

    Good looking book though.... enjoy it!!

  2. ALL GROCERIES ARE FREE so that you can buy more fabric! LOL! That's the way it would be if I ruled the world...
    I loved your previous post about the yummy bargains you found. You got the deal of century on that 7 yard piece. Good going!

  3. Our DIL got me started on on-line coupon collecting! Works fabulously - just a couple of weeks ago, we spent $160, and saved $100 - more fabric for me!!!


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