Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt - Part 3

You have to love the blog-o-sphere!  Just a quick comment from someone has the ability to give you the motivation you need to do more (or schedule the time for it).

Thank you Barb :)

I wasn't able to finish what I had planned a couple days ago, work, housework, etc got in the way.

But a few minutes today and... voila!!  I can take the time to post some pictures and assemble a few of the finished blocks.

Clue 6 done

Clue 7 - nine patches
Can you see where this is going?

Clue 8 - Nine patches with a clue 5 on each side

... and... wait for it....

Clue 9!  - added Clue 6's to the top and bottom of Clue 8

Four blocks laid out on my ironing board to see how they look.  I love secondary patterns.

There are 35 blocks in total.  I have to finish putting them all together yet.  Then I have a really cool idea for the borders.  I want more red in this.  Without borders it's about 50" x 70" (lap/twin size).

This isn't perfect, I'm not perfect.  I can see where some of my points have been nicked a bit, not all my seam intersections are precisely lined up, but they are way better than they have been in the past.  It's getting easier to be more precise with each quilt I make.  We are our worst critic.

Am I worried that it's not perfect?  Hell no!  I have no goals to enter any quilt in a contest.  This is my creation.  Although the pattern was supplied by someone else, the fabrics are my choosing and that makes this quilt one of a kind and very unique.

Once I have it done, I know the perfect recipient for it.  A friend of mine in the states is going to love it.  Through all the hardships she and her husband have endured over the last year, this is the least I can do for her.  And best of all.. she's not expecting it which makes giving it to her even better!


  1. Just awesome!!!! My quilts are always far from perfect but hey..once it is done....who can tell and if you have someone come along and inspect - get rid of them as a friend.

  2. I have these blocks done but need to clean them up before getting the top is the first year in five that I didn't get the top done on NYE! Orca Bay is keeping me busy though. Your NYE is looking good!


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