Monday, April 23, 2012

Log cabin blocks... coming along

Thanks to Subee.... and the oodles of 1.5" batik strips I had on hand, my log cabin blocks are coming along nicely.

24 blocks done so far, measuring 8.5" unfinished. 

I've set up my featherweight in the dining room so I can work on them while I watch the Ottawa hockey games with hubby.

There's no rush on this project... I just wanted to try my hand at log cabins and I'm loving them!


  1. The RRCB is fabulous! And I love your sweet featherweight that is churning out the lovely batik log cabins, too!

  2. Your Featherweight looks so close to the new Retro Singer I just purchased, only yours is so adorable and mine is larger! How fun to know I am not the only one that sews in the living room!


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