Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fabricland Members Sale - 50% off!

Fabricland is having a huge member's sale today through Saturday (May 10th - 12th).

If you make clothing or home dec items, even all the patterns are 50% off!!

I stopped in this morning because I wanted a couple summer skirt patterns, in the books they're listed as $14.95 and $16.95 each (US). 

When I went to the counter for the lady to pull them, she rang them in at 5 patterns x $7.95 each, and then took another 50% off that!  Holy!  With tax I paid a whopping $21. 

I purchased 5 Simplicity patterns, some of which are wardrobe collections (skirt, pants, dress, jacket, blouse), I like getting more than one pattern in a package :)

Now I can sit and figure out which skirts I'm going to make (as I already have some summer fabrics for those) and see which coordinated pieces I want to make to go with them - and go hit the store before the end of saturday for those fabrics - yeah - a lot of them are 50% off too!

You can't beat that deal!!

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