Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Official - The Country Register is coming back to Ontario

Well, it's been official for a couple months now, but I've been really busy getting things set up and put in place.

The previous publisher decided in the spring of 2011 to move on to other things in her life.  When I went looking for the paper online later in the year it wasn't available.  That's when I contacted the founder, Barbara in Arizona and found out the opportunity was mine if I wanted it.  Duh!  YES!!

I sent out flyers to almost 400 businesses around Ontario: quilt shops, fabric stores, tea rooms, wool/yarn stores, craft stores, beading stores, etc.  To date I've had several contact me wanting to advertise, YAY!

This is going to be an amazing newspaper.  The London International Quilt Festival is touring Ontario with a trunk show of quilts from Africa.  Garnet is, so far, booked at 25 different quilt guilds. 

We're going to publish his schedule in the paper so that readers will know where he is and when.  He's also going to blog about his travels and provide an article for each issue with pictures.  This is going to be fabulous!  Not only will you get to see some incredible quilts/fabrics from Africa, but the quilt guilds will get some exposure from this, and hopefully some new members.

The first issue will be Oct-Nov 2012.  It's a bi-monthly publication and will be available for free for customers to pick up in all the stores and shops who have advertised in the paper.  I'm also going to try to get them into the Ontario Information Centres at the edges of the province, and as well at various craft shows throughout the year.

Once the paper comes out, if you see that your favourite shop is not in the paper, please contact me with their name.  Stores will want to know if their customers are asking about them.

Also, any suggestions for what you, as the reader, want to see in the paper are welcome.  Feel free to favourite recipes, stories about life, crafts, family, humour. 

We have a website and a facebook page

Drop by and say hello! (or "like" us on facebook).

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