Saturday, December 29, 2012

Si CAN do anything!!

I can't take credit for finding this.. Bonnie had it on her blog today.  But since I love watching Duck Dynasty, and I know my MIL loves Si... this is for her!  :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

No... he's not a Husky...*insert sarcasm* LOL

If pictures are worth a thousand words... this one speaks volumes.  Yes Jake is a Husky, although he doesn't have the stereotypical colours, this is most definitely his element.

Homemade Gifts

Now that some of the recipients have received their gifts, I can show you what I made.

Fleece jammy pants with adorable paw prints!

Eyeglass cases, zippered pouches (she has some great tutorials).

Table runners (search the internet and youtube, there are all kinds of tutorials on these).  DMIL received the Christmas themed one, DSIL received the orange and green one as those colours, along with chocolate browns and bright yellows are her fav's.

And of course, some mice stuffed with stuffing and catnip for the kitties.  

The kitties loved them!!

I forgot to take pictures of the Christmas Crackers, without the "crack", but they turned out great!  

There are other pics.. but they'll have to wait until the packages are received in London, Ont.

I really love the idea of giving handmade gifts versus overly-priced store bought items.  Supplement those with some good quality items from the dollar stores: cooking utensils, glass cutting boards, note pads, etc. and everyone gets items they need and can use.

Canada Post Amazes!

I cannot ever remember Canada Post delivering on a Saturday or Sunday, but apparently they do when Christmas Eve is on a Monday.

This is what I found in my mailbox on Sunday the 23rd!

More packages from far off places (Utah, Arkansas and New Zealand!) for the Sandy Block Drive.  I volunteered to put together 2 quilts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  And on Monday (the 24th), one of our neighbors came to the door with a package, from Idaho, USA.  Canada Post had delivered it to the wrong address... I'm so grateful for nice neighbors!

So now I have all 84 wonky log cabin blocks (42 per quilt) to put together, sandwich, quilt, bind and send to equilters.  I will definitely take pictures of these before I send them off.  Thank you Michele for organizing this.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gotta love the Fur-Babies

Every time it is watched, Iams will donate a meal to a pet living in an animal shelter.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taking out the trash... Canadian Style

The song "This is how we do it" keeps going through my head when I watch this... too funny!!

We Canadians are known for being tough and braving cold weather so what this man did shouldn't come as a surprise. He was just about to hop in the shower when his wife reminded him he hadn't taken out the garbage, writes YouTube user janeladele in the video's description. So on Dec. 20 he rushed out in the show pushing the garbage can. With wind chill the temperature was about -36 degrees Celsius. Does anyone else find it strange that he put on a toque, but not pants? I guess about 45 per cent of heat is lost through one's head so maybe it makes sense. Either way, his wife and kids found it very funny. And he probably scored big points with his wife for taking out the trash.

Friday, December 21, 2012

We may just have a White Christmas

Last night it was raining, then the rain slowed and it became colder... great, freezing rain, everything is slippery... then by 11pm it was snowing... This is what we woke up to this morning.

When you have a husky, this is their favourite time of year

Eating snow... yes.. it's fresh!

Jake: "Leave me alone mom... I'm just going to have a little nap."

Perfect for some snow dyeing!  :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Productive Day!

I still can't post any pictures of anything I'm sewing, cause most are Christmas presents.. and some of the recipients read my blog.. :)

But I did get 'other' stuff done, yes, dreaded housework. 

Cleaning up our bedroom consists of picking up all the clothes all over the room, DH has a nasty habit of throwing his anywhere, including the floor. So, toss them all in the laundry hamper, and voila! I found my cedar chest... again! LOL

After the trek down 2 flights of stairs with an overflowing laundry hamper, *wheeze* into the laundry room I go.. but wait! I'm almost out of laundry soap, and I'm definitely out of fabric softener. Jillee to the rescue!!

I love this woman! Her blog has literally hundreds of great ideas/recipes.
A few months ago I tried her version of homemade laundry soap... and although I didn't have the Fels Naptha" bars, I substituted something else, and it worked well enough.

In August when I went to visit my mom in London, Ont. She had suggested we take a border trip - to Port Huron for a day. I'm in!!

We happen to hit a Walmart while we were there and I told her I needed to check the laundry aisle. Sure enough.. there were the Fels Naptha bars, for a measly 99 cents each, and they were right beside the Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and the Mule Team Borax. You have no idea how hard it is to find those two items here, but I did. The Fels Naptha... a lost cause in this area... so I picked up 5 bars. I figured that would do me quite a while.

For some reason I can't find Suave hair conditioner here either, and made sure I picked up 2 big bottles of it at the same Walmart.

Needless to say... I now have 20 litres of laundry soap and almost 3 litres of fabric softener. Yay!!

And now I can do some sewing (while the laundry is going), cause Bonnie is on Quilt Cam this aft... started about half an hour ago... so I'm outta here!

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