Sunday, December 16, 2012

Productive Day!

I still can't post any pictures of anything I'm sewing, cause most are Christmas presents.. and some of the recipients read my blog.. :)

But I did get 'other' stuff done, yes, dreaded housework. 

Cleaning up our bedroom consists of picking up all the clothes all over the room, DH has a nasty habit of throwing his anywhere, including the floor. So, toss them all in the laundry hamper, and voila! I found my cedar chest... again! LOL

After the trek down 2 flights of stairs with an overflowing laundry hamper, *wheeze* into the laundry room I go.. but wait! I'm almost out of laundry soap, and I'm definitely out of fabric softener. Jillee to the rescue!!

I love this woman! Her blog has literally hundreds of great ideas/recipes.
A few months ago I tried her version of homemade laundry soap... and although I didn't have the Fels Naptha" bars, I substituted something else, and it worked well enough.

In August when I went to visit my mom in London, Ont. She had suggested we take a border trip - to Port Huron for a day. I'm in!!

We happen to hit a Walmart while we were there and I told her I needed to check the laundry aisle. Sure enough.. there were the Fels Naptha bars, for a measly 99 cents each, and they were right beside the Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and the Mule Team Borax. You have no idea how hard it is to find those two items here, but I did. The Fels Naptha... a lost cause in this area... so I picked up 5 bars. I figured that would do me quite a while.

For some reason I can't find Suave hair conditioner here either, and made sure I picked up 2 big bottles of it at the same Walmart.

Needless to say... I now have 20 litres of laundry soap and almost 3 litres of fabric softener. Yay!!

And now I can do some sewing (while the laundry is going), cause Bonnie is on Quilt Cam this aft... started about half an hour ago... so I'm outta here!

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