Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taking out the trash... Canadian Style

The song "This is how we do it" keeps going through my head when I watch this... too funny!!

We Canadians are known for being tough and braving cold weather so what this man did shouldn't come as a surprise. He was just about to hop in the shower when his wife reminded him he hadn't taken out the garbage, writes YouTube user janeladele in the video's description. So on Dec. 20 he rushed out in the show pushing the garbage can. With wind chill the temperature was about -36 degrees Celsius. Does anyone else find it strange that he put on a toque, but not pants? I guess about 45 per cent of heat is lost through one's head so maybe it makes sense. Either way, his wife and kids found it very funny. And he probably scored big points with his wife for taking out the trash.

1 comment:

  1. Wonder how many neighbors watched!!! This is just too funny! Found your blog through the Winter White exchange, now a new follower.


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