Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gall Bladder Woes

I'm counting the days!!  I swear, once I booked the appointment for surgery, my gall bladder heard me.  I spent almost all of last weekend in the hospital.  Another attack, but this one was different as it was making it hurt to breathe.

In we go at 11pm, they do the ecg tests, blood work, blood pressure, etc.  Nothing wrong with my heart, so they gave me a drug for the pain.  That was GOOD!!!  Then because the liver enzymes in my blood were so elevated, they figured that a stone left the gall bladder and was stuck in the common tube and was causing a backup.... which would necessitate surgery.  Had to wait until the morning though, for the tech's to come in before they could do a CAT scan.

9:30am Sunday they do the CAT scan... we wait 2 hours for the results.... they can't see anything... so then the surgeon on call says an ultrasound may show it better.  Wait to get in for that... then wait another couple hours for the results.  They still can't see a blockage, and my enzymes are still high.

So then the surgeon wants to do a test... give me a shot of Toporal? and a glass of gingerale and see if I have an attack.  Nothing happened.  Surgeon finally came and talked to me about 4pm and let me go home.

Hopefully, everything stays normal until surgery next monday.  Cause if I end up in the hospital again, they'll probably do emergency surgery.  That just means my vacation starts earlier!  LOL


  1. Oh Laurie so sorry to hear that! Sending you good wishes for the surgery and a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs.

  2. I can sooooo relate. My one and only ambulance ride came as a result of a gall bladder attack! Had the thing out and never a problem since.


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