Monday, July 28, 2014

New Hackle

Made the newer one this weekend.  It works much better than the first one I made.  The first one had issues.  The epoxy I used on the hackle just didn't set well.  I used a different epoxy on the comb and it set and hardened with no problem.

Much nicer.

Now I have to make a comb to match :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

A wool hackle and comb set - I made them!

Most people wouldn't know what these are.  Crafters who deal with raw fleece will.

There are dozens of youtube videos on how to use them, but very few on how to make them.

I did find a tutorial from Moonsong Fiberworks LLC and it's just what I needed.

This one is made out of curly maple and uses 3.5" finishing nails.

It's a little rough but it's all about function over form.  
Total cost:  about $16 and a few hours of labour.  (compared to the ones sold online for over $225 for just the hackle - I think it's a steal!)

I'm still going to stain and varathane it and I'm just going to use a couple of clamps purchased at Canadian Tire to clamp it to the table for use.

Now I have an easier method to comb all the cleaned fleece that I have for spinning! (vs spending hours brushing each individual lock).

My next project: an art blending hackle.  It will definitely be a prettier version, as I finally found a source for the real tines that are used in most that are being sold through websites and etsy stores.

I've already cut the stainless steel 1/8 diameter rod into 6.5" lengths. I have to grind one end of each into a bit of a point, and I have a very nice piece of purpleheart wood to drill the holes and epoxy the tines into.

The art blending hackle will only have one row of tines.  The fibers you add to it should already be combed and fluffed, you just have to diz it off into roving.

Can't wait!!

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