Friday, September 5, 2014

Sept 5, 2014 Storm Surprise

At approximately 4pm today, a severe storm hit the end of the city where Jim and I work.  It lasted a half hour.

I heard reports on the radio of power outages, trees and branches coming down and traffic issues.

We never guessed we'd find this when we got home.

 You can see the dark area of the trunk where it looks like it may have actually been struck by lightening.  Thankfully, nothing was on fire when we got home, and the power is still on.  We're lucky it hasn't really damaged the fence, or that it didn't go through any of our windows or the neighbors.

I've placed a call to the landlord's repair line, and of course left a message, because it's after work hours now.

Who knows how long it'll be before they can send someone out to remove it.

Poor Jake doesn't know what to make of it... his backyard isn't the same now. There's a tree in the middle of it!  :)

1 comment:

  1. So happy to hear no one was hurt and no costly damage occurred. It was rough at my place too but not THAT rough.


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