Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stash Enhancement and Ex-Smoker Update

I've put a bit of my new savings to good use.  One of the Ladies on Ravelry wanted to destash some yarn. 

I saw the post several weeks ago and inquired how much it would be to ship to our postal code.  Well, her price for the box of 18 skeins of yarn (several of which I know cost $20 - $26 each to buy), was $100 for the whole box, including shipping!  

Now, we're talking some expensive yarns here... Malabrigo, Yarn Indulgences, Fleece Artist, etc.  Avid knitters know what I'm talking about.  Here's the full list:

Contents are: 
3- Martha Stewart 100% Merino in Poppy 
3- Martha Stewart 100% Merino in Pewter 
1- Malabrigo Rasta in Oxido 
1- Malabrigo Rastita in Glitter 
1- skein of We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets 4ply Alpaca dyed with Fennel 
2- Yarn Indulgences MCN DK in Apples 
1- Yarn Chef Chateau in Buttercream 
1- Malabrigo Worsted in Garden Gate 
2- Fleece Artist BFL Sock in Chocolate 
2- Mirasol Hacho colourway 323 
1- Knit Global sock in Purple Haze (approx 1/3 skein knit, and frogged, then re-caked)

Can you say HOLY CRAP!?!  LOL  

Definitely worth more than $100.  This Wonderful Lady agreed to wait another week until I got my next paycheque for me to purchase.

A few pics:
The box

Malabrigo Rasta in Oxido

Yarn Indulgences MCN DK in Apples 
Note:  I'm going to make this with these 2 skeins

Mirasol Hacho colourway 323
I see a few cup cozies being made with this... to start

Yarn Chef Chateau in Buttercream 
mmmmm... lace weight - I've never knit with lace weight before

Fleece Artist BFL Sock in Chocolate
soooo squishy, soft and YUM!

We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets 4ply Alpaca dyed with Fennel 

And just because she's a wonderful fellow knitter, and as a treat for quitting smoking... she threw in this as a gift!  Have I said she's wonderful?

Yarn Indulgences - fingering weight in Early Bloom colour
I see another shawl!!

How nice is that? Crafters are the greatest people!  Sarah... You are Wonderful!  Thank you so much!

There are others but I don't have pictures for them yet.  I'll be posting them all in my Ravelry stash pages.  And I already have several projects in mind for a few of these skeins.

I want to cast on NOW!  :)

Alrighty Then!  Time for the ex-smoker update as of today:

My Mileage 
Smoke-Free Days: 35 
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 490 
Amount Saved: $186.20 
Life Gained:  Days: 3 Hrs: 21 Mins: 6 Seconds: 2

I know I'm amazed.  

And Kim (the administrator at my chiropractor's office) and I were chatting this morning. She quit 2 weeks before me... and is still smoke-free.  Both of us remarked how stupidly easy it's been.... but with the caveat that it's probably because we were more than ready to quit.  

It's a dead end that your mind comes to when you finally quit and it tells you there's no going back... you're just ready to be done and over it.   At least that's the way it feels for both of us. 

Either way, I'm glad... and that means I have not spent money that went up in smoke... literally!

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